Flat Fee Divorce

$2,500.00 FLAT FEE FOR AN AGREED DIVORCE (plus court costs)

Some divorce clients may opt for a flat fee divorce, which is both efficient and relatively inexpensive. A flat fee divorce is appropriate if you and your spouse agree to all terms of your divorce and you have made full disclosure of assets to each other. For this type of case, you will pay a flat fee of $2,500.00 plus filing fees and costs. Your spouse will have to pay his or her own filing fee. For an agreed-upon divorce, the flat fee covers the preparation of documents, including but not limited to the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage, Marital Settlement Agreement and Allocation Judgment: Allocation of Parental Responsibilities and Parenting Plan (if applicable) as well as one court appearance wherein your divorce will be finalized.

While an agreed upon divorce may not be for everyone, it is an option if you can answer “Yes” to the following questions:

Do you and your spouse agree to obtain a divorce?
Do you and your spouse have full knowledge and understanding of each other’s finances and property?
Do you and your spouse agree to the division of your property?
Do you and your spouse agree to the division of your debt?
Do you and your spouse agree as to custody and parenting time with your children?

There are several forms you and your spouse will have to complete and return to the office in order for my office to process your divorce. Will you and your spouse agree to do the same in a timely fashion? If so, you are an appropriate candidate to qualify for a flat fee agreed divorce.

If you have children that are under the age of eighteen, both you and your spouse will need to attend the Lake County Parenting Class. You may sign up for the same by contacting the College of Lake County at phone number (847) 543-2185.

The benefits of an agreed upon flat fee divorce are that you know the fee and the costs before the case begins and you will be able to obtain the divorce in a dignified, prompt and efficient manner.

When is a Flat Fee Divorce NOT an option?

If you answered “no” to even one of the questions above, or if you don’t have a full understanding of your spouse’s finances or property, then the agreed flat fee divorce is not an option for you. Alternatively, I have many years of experience working with complex divorce issues and can advise you in understanding and resolving issues of parenting time, child support, maintenance and division of assets or retirement accounts before entering into a Marital Settlement Agreement and an Allocation Judgment. This approach would involve a traditional retainer and billable hourly rates for services provided.