Divorce Litigation Alternatives

Mediation is a voluntary process through which parties come together to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement with the assistance of an impartial mediator. Divorce/family mediation offers a cooperative forum in which two parties discuss and resolve issues regarding children, property and financial issues. The mediator provides the parties with a framework for making informed, practical and fair decisions.

By working out your own solution rather than accepting a settlement imposed by the courts, you can maintain control over the decisions affecting your life, thereby reducing the emotional and financial costs of an antagonistic divorce.

I am a certified mediator; however, if you meet with me about your divorce I can no longer engage in mediation with you and your spouse.

If you would like to engage me as a mediator, please obtain the consent of your spouse. Then, contact my office and we can coordinate a time with you and your spouse to schedule your first appointment. A pre-decree mediation case may take anywhere from two to six hours, not including the preparation of documents.